Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's Only Slightly Cheaper than Therapy

Sometimes you just need a one-skein scarflette to get you through the day.

After tumultous times during Christmas (grandma in hospital, stressed out parents, took out my stress on my best friend/former dating partner now he's not talking to me, had a heckuvah time getting back to Atlanta and then getting back into my own home) I needed something to get me out of my distinct funk.

Enter the Fourteen pattern from Yarnballboogie. I knit it in a k1,p1 rib rather than the brioche, and after making one in green, I decided to try it in a pleasing grape color this evening. My only regret is that it knitted up almost TOO quickly. I can feel an addiction coming on... it's such a quick and easy high-- I may need an intervention for knitting so many of these things.

The only thing I can find to get me away from these adorable little scarves is a nagging thought about (among the other things mentioned above) this giant skein of Thick and Quick Chenille in a lovely chardonnay color that's just taking up stash space. I have no idea what to do with this stuff. I checked out Ravelry for some quick fixes, but nothing particularly grabbed me.

Any ideas? I really am open to just about anything- preferably a project that will allow me to use up the entire skein.



Christie Cottage said...

Knitting is addictive! Great scarves.

I foudn you on etsy. That's where you can find me too!

Kim said...

Oh my! I just saw this comment, thanks for stopping by!