Monday, December 22, 2008

Yarn Taketh Over

I have been quite literally knitting up a storm during my holiday break. I'd take a picture of the mess that is my room right now, but I'm actually embarrassed by the level of clutter I created within just a few days.

In any case, some good things have come out of this- I have finished four scarflettes, one cigarette/lighter holder, and started a prayer shawl over the past 6 days. The story of the prayer shawl and its eventual recipient is kind of sad, so I won't get into it now... maybe when it's completed.

Happily, tonight I soldiered through the "Wham, bam, thank you Lamb" cowl. It started out as really fun, but the never ending garter stitch got old pretty quickly. I ended up jazzing it up a little by changing the pattern and adding in a few YO's. It came out nicely, and I slapped it on Etsy.


Next time, I'll do it in a brighter color to keep myself interested- even if it may not sell. I'm new to this "making cool stuff for money" thing, but from conversations with current and future customers have pointed to a strong love of neutral colors and squishy fabric during the winter time. Am I really the only person who loves to rock powerful reds and even the occasional pink during the cold weather months?

Oh well.

I'd like to whip up something quick for my mom before Christmas Day, but seeing as I have less than three days left and I still need to finish the shawl- it's not looking likely. But... I want to. But... but... Enough whingeing!

I'm off to hunt down quickie/pretty patterns for Thick and Quick. If that doesn't work, I'm going back to the mall!!

(just wanted to note, I *did* already buy my mom a gift, but I happen to enjoy giving lots of gifts during the holidays. I just love giving someone something they will always like)