Monday, January 12, 2009

Unfinished Business!

It's amazing what one little lifestyle change can do. I quit smoking for good on January 4th, and since then, my creativity and productivity have gone up exponentially! In truth, I was a "light smoker" (less than 5 cigs per day, if that), but I'd been that way for about 3 or 4 years and was ruining my body, and as it turns out- my mental and emotional state had been affected by being shackled to this habit. So now I'm happy and proud of myself, and thus my work has improved. Not braggin', just notin'.

In any case, I went to Big Lots about two weeks ago and stumbled upon this beautiful Lion Brand Landscapes yarn in Spring Desert for just $1.50. Unfortunately, some zealous knitter had cleaned them out of their stock, so I could only get my hands on one measly skein. I considered making something small from this, but I really wanted to do a stitch that shows off the beauty of this yarn. After a couple of days of experimenting on the needles, I eventually turned to loom knitting. I'm going to make a cowl/tube scarf from this stuff, but I've run out of yarn- so I'm letting this one sit around until I can find yarn in that color again. I love looking at it though. It's all Easter-y and fun.


Oh well- it gives me time to choose my Etsian of the Week!