Sunday, January 11, 2009

All My Circuits!

A very cute, and possibly effective idea from TheBuzz over at Etsy. I may need ol' Doc's help eventually, but for now I'm content with just feeling my way through and enjoying myself while making handmade items without a lot of pressure to sell, sell, sell.

Today (well, Saturday) was spent indoors deconstructing a laptop computer and experimenting with polymer clay. I've had two dead laptops sitting in my living room for some time now, and I removed their hard drives long ago, but was just planning to send the computers to be recycled. After staring long and hard at one of them, I decided to try and "upcycle" its parts, and use them for various purposes. The main purposes I've found have been kitschy nerd jewelry. Most of my friends would squee over a gift like that, and since those are usually the people I make things for- I think this is a worthwhile project. I found some nice ideas after a brief Google search, and have been working to make the jewelry more wearable and less campy. I want to make something that looking like you bought it- not that you got bored and decided rip apart your expensive home electronics. So all in all, I think that's a worthy WIP of the week.

Etsy-wise, I got busy this evening and listed a couple of scarflettes I made during the holiday break. One is a blue version of my popular item "Rosie", and the other is the oft looked at but never purchased "Peasy" in purple. I also decided to experiment with having a proper sale, and knocked 10 bucks off of my labour of love, "Air Envy" and $5.00 off of the "Confetti" scarf.

Okay, enough procrastinating. Back to dealing with this clay and these circuit boards... and seeing what kind of fun can be created!