Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kim's Favorite Things (right now)

In honor of the fake, commercial-created and mushiliy stylized holiday, I'm going to show some genuine love for some commercial/stylized ventures today. I tend to fall in and out of love with styles, genres, stores, and items rather quickly- but when I fall... I fall hard.

Here are some of things I'm crushing on at the moment:

Steampunk: I've read the Pullman books, I've watched the regrettable Golden Compass flick, and I've flirted with a man in a top hat on occasion. However, nothing could prepare me for this newest obsession. It's one part tech-geek, two parts historical romance, and all kinds of awesome.

I have all kinds of plans for modding my old computer, but in the meantime, I'll placate myself by creating an Amelia Earhart costume and a lovely wool vest+pocket watch for my main man.

Business Cards- Every since I was a child, I have seen business cards a bit of a "status symbol". I just loved the idea of deftly reaching into a hidden coat pocket and producing a shiny new card with a flourish. I always imagined the recipient of said card would be bowled over by my professionalism and general coolness.

Then I grew up, got a job in television, and had to give out my cards in order to get reliable news tips.
This took some of the fun out of the mysterious business card. However, I believe I have recaptured that joy thanks to Avery's business card templates, my color photo printer, and 30 minutes of extra time on my hands. I created some awesome cards for Warm&Happy and I carry them with me at all times in a wee holder like the one above from LomahAcres. You'd better believe, when I hand a card over, I do it with a flourish.

Wedding Items- Look, I'm not getting married any time soon. Mommy, I'm sorry. *guilty smile*
However, two of my best friends from my school days ARE getting hitched this summer, and it's causing me to have all kinds of fantasies (for the first time) about the kind of wedding I'd like to have one day. Well specifically, the kind of jewelry and trinkets I'd like to wear on my wedding day. I don't really care much for overly fussy affairs, and would be happy getting hitched on a beach somewhere, but I want to look GOOD for those photos.

I'd also want my husband to feel extra lucky that day.

What are some of your loves and/or obsessions at the moment?