Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're All Mad!

Today I feel as if I've fallen down the rabbit hole.

I'm a bit out of sorts, mostly having to do with hormonal influences (aaaah, the monthly joys of being a woman!) and mental and physical fatigue. After rapidly losing 14 lbs over the past two weeks, I began a running routine to train for an upcoming 5k. The result of 2 days of hard work?

A sore bum and tired legs.

However, I do feel stronger and more confident in my ability to regain my lost athletic prowess- so a pat on the back (but not too hard... still quite sore) is in order!

My shop is still doing pretty well. I finally sold the Peasy Green Scarflette; the item that's gotten by far the most views, treasuries, and hearts in my shop over the past couple of months. I'm now going to need to create something else that is universally obsession-worthy to attract the views and hearts, but I won't stress over it too much. Right now I just need to concentrate on my Spring collection, and preparing to introduce some *vintage* clothing into my shop. I'll explain why in a different post, as there is a bit of a story behind this decision, but know that I am really excited about it!!

I'd like to create a treasury on Etsy... and since I'm stuck here at work- I may as well get started on it now. Here are some of my picks from others who are "down the rabbit hole":

. . .Alice In Wonderland Items. . . (click pic for shop)