Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six Vacation Musings

A few thoughts to share after 4 days in Los Angeles:

1. I REALLY needed this vacation. I feel so incredibly relaxed, and my vacation is only halfway over.

2. For a city of women with wafer-thin thighs who have all decided to wear tights (not leggings, but the self same tights we all wore as elementary schoolgirls) as one might wear pants- Los Angeles has an amazing array of really quality restaurants. I've had Japanese (on a late night noodle run), traditional English (bangers'n'mash for brunch), Indian (a chicken curry takeaway), Middle Eastern (not sure of the exact area these lads were from, but they know how to cook and season their veggies!), and good ol' fashioned American food on this trip. 3 weeks of hardcore workouts and even harder core dieting have hardened said core, but it's quickly softening thanks to all of the top quality vittles I'm ingesting.

3. It may never rain in southern California, but it's a lot colder here than it is back home in Georgia right now. I did not pack accordingly, thus the reason I'm wearing my dating partner's giant hoodie and a pair of leg warmers at the moment.

4. Unlike LA, Atlanta just doesn't seem to embrace or showcase the international and creative communities. I probably just need to get out in my home city more often. I plan to begin taking more city neighborhood adventures when I get back home.

5. I have a lot of incredibly excellent friends who always make me feel at home in Los Angeles- which is why it's my automatic go-to for a quick and cheap vacation. Thanks guys!!

6. After having lunch with a friend on the Fox lot, I suddenly and desperately wanted to go into the movie making world and leave television news behind. Everything just looked... so cool.3/11/2009
Fox Studio Lot, Los Angeles, CA