Monday, March 23, 2009

Life Lesson: Tights are Two Degrees from Trousers

While in Los Angeles I got a chance to look at some of the trends that are prevalent out there.

Jewelry: Chunky, clunky, and the bigger the better. Hippie throwbacks, turquoise, and even shiny yellow gold are being embraced again. Also, giant granny glasses, and Studio 54 meets Golden Girls type clothing. For men and women.

Accessories: Tams have been back for a while, but it was interesting to see the different patterns people were employing. A lot of them looked handmade as well. Hopefully some of my Etsy friends are the ones selling them!

Also there was an accesory trend I could do without- girls wearing tights as pants. Tights are not leggings. Leggins are not trousers. Therefore tights are about 2 degrees away from qualifying as acceptable forms of clothing on their own. Seriously, ladies- I don't want to see that much definition in your ass, I don't care how big or small it is.

In any case, I got a lot out of the trip- relaxation, research, and retail therapy. Good times over all. Check out my store to see some of the vintage earrings I brought back!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Aquarium of The Pacific, Long Beach, CA

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Rose and Traction Ave, Los Angeles

Six Vacation Musings

A few thoughts to share after 4 days in Los Angeles:

1. I REALLY needed this vacation. I feel so incredibly relaxed, and my vacation is only halfway over.

2. For a city of women with wafer-thin thighs who have all decided to wear tights (not leggings, but the self same tights we all wore as elementary schoolgirls) as one might wear pants- Los Angeles has an amazing array of really quality restaurants. I've had Japanese (on a late night noodle run), traditional English (bangers'n'mash for brunch), Indian (a chicken curry takeaway), Middle Eastern (not sure of the exact area these lads were from, but they know how to cook and season their veggies!), and good ol' fashioned American food on this trip. 3 weeks of hardcore workouts and even harder core dieting have hardened said core, but it's quickly softening thanks to all of the top quality vittles I'm ingesting.

3. It may never rain in southern California, but it's a lot colder here than it is back home in Georgia right now. I did not pack accordingly, thus the reason I'm wearing my dating partner's giant hoodie and a pair of leg warmers at the moment.

4. Unlike LA, Atlanta just doesn't seem to embrace or showcase the international and creative communities. I probably just need to get out in my home city more often. I plan to begin taking more city neighborhood adventures when I get back home.

5. I have a lot of incredibly excellent friends who always make me feel at home in Los Angeles- which is why it's my automatic go-to for a quick and cheap vacation. Thanks guys!!

6. After having lunch with a friend on the Fox lot, I suddenly and desperately wanted to go into the movie making world and leave television news behind. Everything just looked... so cool.3/11/2009
Fox Studio Lot, Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Curious Case of Beautiful Buttons

Krishkena included my Scalloped Neckwarmer in a very cute button themed treasury!

I'm a huge fan of the blue flower hair clip... if the shipping weren't $5.00 for a small piece, I'd totally go for it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Confessions of a Super Secret Girl Spy

I have to admit, when I was a little girl (not that long ago it seems) I was obsessed with the Nancy Drew mysteries. Not the modernized ones where she's always at the mall and has a team of crime fighting friends- I'm talking about the original stories originating during the 1930's. My mum had a lot of these books from her childhood, as well as the Trixie Belden books (think Nancy Drew as a hardy blonde tomboy) and I adored reading them. In a lot of the chapter illustrations, Nancy would be wearing adorable gloves and a snood to keep her hair off her shoulders. I would emulate the look as best as I could with one of my mum's hairnets... but the effect wasn't quite what I'd hoped.


Here's one project I'm working on right now from a vintage knitting pattern. I'll be attempting it with some beautiful delicate angora blend yarn:

Knitted Snood

Materials (my substitutions in italics)

1/2 oz Woolworth's extra super 2 ply wool (1/2 skein of angora blend I found in my stash)

1 pair No. 3 knitting needles (US 4 DPNs)

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Vintage Secret's Out...

I was going to keep this a secret until the big debut but...

I'm opening a new shop soon!

It's going to be vintage oriented, with emphasis on ladylike ensembles from the 1960's and 1970's in the USA. I just love the flow and design of clothing from that era. There's something so decadent about it all- without the self awareness of clothing from the 80's.

In any case, it's going to be called "Warm&Happy Vintage" (you see what I did there?) and I've already started collecting items to start up in a few weeks.

It only seems natural for me to also have a vintage shop, seeing as I've been wearing consignment, estate sale, and thrift shop clothing since I was a kid. Though my parents would buy me khakis from The Gap, and polos from J.Crew- I'd save up to go to the thrift store every couple of weeks, and come away with fabulous Gloria Vanderbilt high waisted bellbottom jeans, checked polyester dresses, and sweet leather jackets galore. My classmates thought I was a nut for eschewing Abercrombie and Fitch in favor of Goodwill, but I found I had a knack for spotting good stitching, high quality fabrics and old accessories that could be mixed easily with modern ensembles.

So that's what I hope to achieve now, 10 years later, with a lot more cash to spend, my own ride to the store, and an even better appreciation for the styles of years gone by.